Well My Teacher Said

Well My Teacher SaidHave you ever wanted to tell a child something really special, but found yourself at a loss for words? There are words of wisdom that speak to our hearts, kernels of advice our children should know - find them in Well My Teacher Said. Here are quotes from a diverse group of voices including Zora Neale Hurston, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Thurgood Marshall and Bessie Smith. Brief biographies of each person are also included so your child can learn more about these great people. Author Michelle Bodden has pulled together messages from some of our greatest teachers to share with children. All have important, profound things to say - order your copy today!


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About The Author

Author Michelle Bodden is honored to work on this project. A former New York City public school teacher, she has been dedicated to education for more than twenty years. Her goal is to present materials that uplift the richness of African Diaspora culture, and she has been guided by the words of the great teachers offered here.

Artist Brittney Williams is a student at Howard University who uses her artwork to better herself and her community. She believes in the possibility of a better future, and thus hopes to be an active participant in her generation's improvement of it. Brittney thanks her parents for the love and support they have shown her throughout the years.

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